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PS5 Games


Powerful processors, large power supplies and big casings with the large heatsinks and fans required to deal with the heat generated by a powerful gaming PC all cost money. Building and releasing a console to these specifications would result in a retail price far too high to generate the sales required for it to be an acceptable business model. High end gaming computers probably sell in much smaller numbers but the higher price of the hardware, particularly the graphics cards, allows for this niche sector of the market to continue.

In conclusion, the Sony and gaming PC's operating in two different areas of the marketplace. The technology used in PC graphics is state of the art, at the limits of current semiconductor technology. The form factor, upgradeability, power supplies and consumers demands for simply the best technology available allow this. That is why it is not possible to have a console that can outperform a PC.

Top end gaming PCs already have a clear performance advantage over the PS5, with games such as Battlefield 4 being able to run at a higher resolution and with higher quality textures on PC than on the console. This gulf will only get wider when you consider that we are in the early years of the current generation games console. It may be five to six years before we see the emergence of the PS6 and Xbox One successor and by that time PC graphic cards will have evolved by a huge amount.

Thanks to the combination a powerful CPU, well developed graphics processor and high quality GDDR5 RAM, the sony playstation 5 is an excellent gaming machine. It also has low power consumption, a small foot print and a designer casing meaning it wouldn't look out of place complimenting your home entertainment system. For a comprehensive look at the technical specifications of the console please feel free to check out our PS5 website as per the above link. We also have an excellent PlayStation v Xbox One comparison article to help you decide which of the current high end games consoles you should buy.

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