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[Tutorial] How to get a free US number and make free local & international calls


For those who make Voice Over IP (VOIP) calls , you would know about Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, BBM and the rest. I'll however be introducing one named Voxox because i've been using it and im loving it


* You get a free US phone number
* Free call credits every month
* Make calls to any line (voip or land line) anywhere in the world
* Free calling with other Voxox users anywhere in the world- no limits
* Send & receive free text messages with any of your Voxox contacts
* Supports Android, iPhone and Windows phone
* Get $1.00 Free credits to call any phone
* Send your friends pictures, videos. Share contacts & your location
* Scan and send a fax right from the chat thread.

Click here to download Voxox


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