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[Tutorial] Receive Calls an Get #100 Airtime Daily for Free to any Network


Myads is just an app that show you ads when you receive call and you are rewarded with 5points for each ads you see. 

What is the use of the points?
There are many things you can do with your points and more things will soon be added, But for now you can redeem your points as:

1. Airtime in any networks Mtn, Glo. Airtel, and Etisalat 100points is equal to #100 airtime 

2. To play free supabets (football betting) : you can use your point to play free supabets 

3. Free cab (afro cab) : you can also redeem your points with the afro cab Accumulate your points to over 2000 and you can use them to take taxi rides to anywhere within Lagos state.

4. Buy Fuel: Fuel is now available on the MyAdsApp for free! FuelVoucher.com.ng is a payment service for procuring Fuel at various filling stations in Lagos. MyAdsApp users can now convert their accumulated points to Vouchers that can buy Fuel at designated Filling Stations.

5. Cafe Neo: A Classy coffee shop with locations spread around lagos, MyAds has been hanging out with friends easier. A cup of warm coffee on us won’t be a bad idea, would it?

6. Drinks.NG: There is something for everyone. Even party lovers. Drink.NG is an online drink delivery service. Order online for any drink of your choice. Drinks are delivered ice cold except specified. And of course, this can be purchased with your myads point.

7. Pass.Ng is an e-learning platform with a large database of resource made available to students and professionals who are preparing for one exam or the other. It lets users take pre-tests and check how prepared they are for the examination. This is a paid service, and MyAds points can be used to buy questions on this platform.

 Download it through this link:- http://bit.ly/1TMvvet

After downloading verify ur number and register

After registration u will be asked to choose any four ads you like
Choose any four u like or more than an continue.

Anoda page will pop up asking for referral code if there is something there clear it an type LOGIN an if the space is empty type LOGIN aswell. Type it in capital form and continue

You will be given 10 points instantly for the referral code
Go to ur profile and upload ur picture u will be given 5 points. 

After you must have registered anytime you receive 20 seconds and above call, you will be rewarded with 5points. The points can be converted to airtime (credit) when they are upto 50 points and above. 

Note: Your data must be on

Don't Forget to use the LOGIN as ur refferall code

Whatsapp me 08137012563 for more Explanation an there's also a Trick for it without spending a dime.

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