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[Tutorial] How to Download DVDFab Full Version

(This post was last modified: 08-05-2016, 08:27 PM by SamH. )

Input "dvdfab " and you'll find hundreds of thousands of search results in Google. There are 3 types of DVDFab Full Version as follows.

1. Install DVDFab 9 setup. Copy msvcr90.dll or other file like that in folder, and go to root directory to replace the original file. Launch DVDFab 9, now you have the full version of DVDFab 9.

2. After unzipping, there may be a DVDFab 9 keygen file or DVDFab patch file in the same folder which can be used to generate DVDFab 9 registration key to activate the software.

3. A portable DVDFab .zip file allows you to use it directly without DVDFab keygen after unzipping.

Besides unsupported future update, it still owns some potential hazards when you download and install DVDFab on your PC. Please support official software if you really like it.


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