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Need For Lenovo A3500HV ROM that supports Google services


(06-27-2016, 10:05 AM)[email protected] Wrote: Chief, 
What is Custom ROM? You lost me there.
How do i get that? And how do i go about it.

Yestday, i checked an uncle's phone(A3300HV) Build number.. i realized it ended in ROW..
In my pursuit i found this:

Would you kindly check it up to see if I'm on track?

I will like to hear more about this custom ROM too.


I think ROW stands for Rest Of World. (1) just means it was a duplicate file.
try downloading and flashing it to your phone
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And it worked! I am soooo happy.
I downloaded it yesterday and flashed it and that's it.
Thanks for your help, (though i expected a reply sooner, i kept refreshing my page.
The whole thing gave me the privilege to learn a new few things generally;

what I did:
-I backed it up on a memory card- (All the Apps i downloaded all along including the Google services Apps)
-Set up the SP Flash tool (used Version 5)
-I attempted to just flash the ANDROID (System.img).. it said something like PMT would change and i need to download it.. (what on earth is PMT?)
-So I opted for Firmware Upgrade..
-Then, I booted it to Recovery Mode; Cleared Cache, wipe all data(factory setting)
-Restored the backup from the Memory card.
And trrrrww... came on new..requested to agree to Lenovo terms and Conditions, requested to make Google..
Here I am.
I am particularly grateful to whoever put this on Archive; https://archive.org/details/A3500HVA4420137140920ROW1

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