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How to choose a Nubia Z11 mobile phone


ZTE Nubia mobile phone the new Z11 series has three models, Z11 Mini, Z11 Max and Z11 phone. Among them, Nubia Z11 phone is the flagship of 2016 and will own the strongest specifications. Z11 Mini small size phone is in hot sale now and Z11 Max also starts to sell. How to choose a Nubia from them? Specs, price, phone size, performance ... it's hard to choose one. Rumours that both Nubia Z11 and Z11 Max will have 6GB RAM version later.

Maybe a z11 mini will be find, good price. And in Nubia mobile shop, this model is international edition with google play store built-in! Should to know, My Nubia Z9 max bought last year was not come with play store. It spent me some effort to installed.But the system is still Android L. Nubia Z11 will use Android 6.0 system. But as the flagship, the borderless Z11 may be a little expensive for me.

Any advice for me?

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