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[Tutorial] Tecno H5

(This post was last modified: 07-07-2016, 07:30 AM by ALBA. )

Hello guys,.. I have tecno h3 and the Android system close on it own and open app on my phone ...But I thank Hovatek for his guidelines and I got some issues on the flashing ,which I solveded it..if u have a similar issue or it device break , u can use this step by step below..

Pls be patient when formatting and flashing your phone and follow the steps.

Make sure u have a well formated SD card it the phone..

1. PC

2. USB cable

3. Stoke rom backup ( pls I will advice u download both the new and the old Stock rom )

4. Vcom drivers ( how to install ..
https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-440.html )

5. Sp flash tool v5

NOTE : When u download the stock Rom make sure there is user data , cache and preloader.bin or u get the same phone model and make a backup of the Stock rom using read back.

1. After all u are done with downloading and doing the necessary instructions...
Extract both the new and the old stock Rom u downloaded

2. Copy user data and cache from the old stock Rom to the new stock Rom.

3. Now extract Sp flash tool and open it.( Wait for it to load)

4. After loading Sp flash tool, load the scatter file from the new stock Rom. ( Make sure all are tied and directory loaders)

5 . Click on the format on Sp flash tool ( make sure Auto format flash and format hole flash except bootloader  are tiped )

6. Now off your phone and remove battery and re-insert it back.

7 . Click on start on Sp flash tool and connect your switched off phone . Wait for it to format (NOTE : Do not disconnect the phone when it is formatting)

8. After formatting, your phone will be dead , but don't be scared.

9. Disconnect your phone when formatting is done and given u green OK.

10. Now click on download and go back to where u loaded the scatter file.. pls make sure all are tiped us I show u earlier.

11. Click on download at the top with the arrow sign

12. And connect your switched off phone. Now wait for it to download ( NOTE: It will take a long time to Finnish because u are flashing back the hole stock Rom.

13. After download complete disconnect your phone and powered on .. wait for your device to load . Now I hope your phone will be back to life.. Thank u. And I give much thanks to Hovatek...

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Modify the link in Number 5. its thread-526.html , not thread-52)6.html
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(07-06-2016, 09:24 PM)hovatek Wrote: Modify the link in Number 5. its thread-526.html , not thread-52)6.html
Thank u Hovate

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