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How To Convert Your PowerPoint Presentation To Video File.


PowerPoint presentation can be converted to video file, making it very easy to share and distribute to friends and
clients to view. Especially when you are advertising hot
gigs on Fiverr, or lecturing your students. You can record
your presentation and play it as a video. There are so
many things you can do with your presentation after converting them into videos. So enough rambling and
lets get straight to the tutorials.
How To Convert Your PowerPoint Presentation To
Video File
1. Create your presentation and save it
2. Go to the File menu,
3. Click Save and Send, then click Create a video,
4. Now under Create a video, click on Computer & HD
Display down arrow at your right hand side, to display
all video quality and size options.
5. Then select any one of the following.
=> Computer & HD Displays, to create a video with high
quality and large file size.
=> Internet & DVD, to create a video with a moderate
=> Portable Devices, to create a video with the smallest
file size and low quality.
6. Next click on Don’t Use Recorded Timings and Narrations drop down options and select any one of the
following below.
If you have recorded and timed voice narration and laser pointer movements on your slide show presentation, then choose Use Recorded Timings and Narration. Otherwise choose Don’t Use Recorded Timings and Narration.
Note that, the default time to spend on each slide is set
to 5 seconds. But if you want to increase or decrease the
number of seconds, click the up or down arrow.
7. Now click on Create Video, and enter a name for the
video in the File name box then click on Save.
If you look at the status bar below your screen, you will
see the video creation progress. The video creation process can take couple of minutes or hours depending on the length of the video and file size of your powerpoint presentation.
When your powerpoint conversion to video is complete,
you can now go to the folder where it is saved, double
click on it then it will start playing. That’s all.
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