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[Tutorial] How to fix a BlackBerry Device Stuck at 75% Loading Bar

(This post was last modified: 07-07-2017, 09:55 PM by X3non. )

This is a very common issue for Blackberry 9900/9930 i.e Bold 5.  If for some unknown reason your blackberry device gets stuck at approx. 75% of the loading bar, download and install the required softwares then follow the procedure below to fix


How to fix a Blackberry Device Stuck at 75% Loading Bar

  1. Unzip the content of Stuck75fix zip file to your desktop[/align]
    [Image: How-to-fix-a-BlackBerry-Device-Stuck-at-...ng-Bar.png]

  2. Open the folder and copy CFP.exe to C:\windows
  3. Then run the program "Stuck75fix.exe"
    [Image: How-to-fix-a-BlackBerry-Device-Stuck-at-...-Bar-2.png]

  4. click on 1st, a cmd prompt windows should appear
    [Image: How-to-fix-a-BlackBerry-Device-Stuck-at-...-Bar-3.png]

  5. when the process in the cmd window is complete, close the cmd prompt window and click on 2nd
    [Image: How-to-fix-a-BlackBerry-Device-Stuck-at-...-Bar-4.png]

  6. wait till the 2nd cmd prompt process is complete then close and click on 3rd
    [Image: How-to-fix-a-BlackBerry-Device-Stuck-at-...-Bar-5.png]

  7. Wait till the 3rd cmd prompt process is complete then close the cmd prompt windows
  8. There is no need of clicking on 4th. (you can skip it and click on close stuck75fix)
    [Image: How-to-fix-a-BlackBerry-Device-Stuck-at-...-Bar-6.png]

  9. The BB device should now go blank with only red blinking light
  10. finally reload a new OS using the guide @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-568.html
  11. The device should now boot without getting stuck along the progress bar
  12. If the device gets stuck at the license agreement screen, then fix using the guide @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-14173.html

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