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How To Take Screen Shots On PC


Most people only know how to take screenshots with
there phones ,but dont know how to do so on pc ,so
hovatek decided to share this :
There are basically two ways you can do this
1. Most widows computer comes with this facility, it is the
"print screen" button on your keyboard located just after the F12 button. To take a screen shot with it press the Alt + print screen button ,the screen shot will b taken and then added to your clipboard . Now go to your PC menu (start) and search for paint (its an application ,its located under Accessories in the menu in some PC) open it then click on the edit tab , on the drop menu click paste and you will see the screenshot you can then crop it and do other things you want with it ,then save.

2. You can also download PicPick it an application that lets you take screen shot ,view various mean , ranging from free hand pick to full page . you can google it out, its just about 9mb. you can also crop, and save in different formats .
That is all, start taking screenshots.
Hovatek....just a button away!
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Great... "Print +U" also does the trick.... Tho I only tested that on a Win 8 system...

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