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How to Backup a Huawei Modem's Dashboard Using Huawei Dashboard Tool

(This post was last modified: 07-07-2017, 11:50 PM by X3non. )

We previously dropped a guide on how to backup your modem's dashboard @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-10894.html which is a generic guide (i.e can be used to backup ZTE, Huawei and other modems types). This guide on the other hand is an alternative for those who use Huawei devices.


How to Backup a Huawei Modem's Dashboard Using Huawei Dashboard Tool

  1. Extract the contents of Huawei Dashboard Tools zip file
    [Image: How-to-Backup-a-Huawei-Modems-Dashboard-...Tool-1.png]

  2. Open the folder and launch HuaweiDashboardTool.exe
    [Image: How-to-Backup-a-Huawei-Modems-Dashboard-...Tool-2.png]

  3. Wait till the software opens 
    [Image: How-to-Backup-a-Huawei-Modems-Dashboard-...Tool-3.png]

  4. Click on Options > Backup/Capacity
    [Image: How-to-Backup-a-Huawei-Modems-Dashboard-...Tool-4.png]

  5. The backup/capacity window should now open
  6. Click on the dropdown bar below CDROM drive and select the modem's drive
    [Image: How-to-Backup-a-Huawei-Modems-Dashboard-...Tool-5.png]

  7. Click on Select
    [Image: How-to-Backup-a-Huawei-Modems-Dashboard-...Tool-6.png]

  8. In the window that opens next, navigate to the location you wish to save the file, give the file a name (eg E173) then click on Save
    [Image: How-to-Backup-a-Huawei-Modems-Dashboard-...Tool-7.png]

  9. Finally click on Backup and wait for the process to complete. 
    [Image: How-to-Backup-a-Huawei-Modems-Dashboard-...Tool-8.png]

  10. Once successful, you should get the message "ISO image successfully created"
    [Image: How-to-Backup-a-Huawei-Modems-Dashboard-...Tool-9.png]

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