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[Tutorial] How to install Mac OS X in Windows using Virtual Box

(This post was last modified: 07-08-2017, 12:04 AM by X3non. )

We've already posted a guide on Installing Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) using VMware @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-14490.html but who knows you might just prefer Virtual Box to VMware



  • Account creation might be skipped during installation process without your knowledge. If this happens, Use the details below
    Username: root
    Password: niresh

How to install Mac OS X in Windows using Virtual Box

  1. Launch Virtual Box program 
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...-Box-1.png]

  2. At the top left hand corner, Click on "New"
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...-Box-2.png]

  3. In the window that appears next, fill in the details below
    Name: any name you like
    Type: Mac OS X
    Version: Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks (64-bit)
    Then click on Next
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...-Box-3.png]

  4. Set RAM size for the machine (a minimum of 2GB is required), then click on Next
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...-Box-4.png]

  5. Tick the round box beside "Create a virtual hard disk now", then click on Create
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...-Box-5.png]

  6. In the window that appears, 
    Tick the round box beside "VDI (Virtual Disk Image)", then click on Next
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...-Box-6.png]

  7. Tick the round box beside "Dynamically allocated", then click on Next
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...-Box-7.png]

  8. Specify the maximum disk size (should be above 20GB) then click on Create
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...-Box-8.png]

  9. Right click on the newly created machine then click on Settings
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...-Box-9.png]

  10. In the window that appears next, click on the System tab
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-10.png]

  11. In the System tab, Untick the checkboxes beside "Floppy" and "Enable EFI (special OSes only)", then click on the Display tab
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-11.png]

  12. In the Display tab, move the slider beside video memory to the maximum (should be 128MB) and tick the check-box beside Enable 3D Acceleration, then click on the Storage tab  
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-12.png]

  13. In the Storage tab, Click on the CD drive labelled as Empty
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-13.png]

  14. Still on the storage tab, Click on small CD icon below "Attributes" then Click on "Choose a Virtual CD/DVD disk file.."
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-14.png]

  15. In the window that appears next, Navigate to the location of the Mavericks ISO you downloaded earlier, select the ISO file and Click on Open
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-15.png]

  16. Click on OK (to save the settings)
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-16.png]

  17. Select the Virtual machine by clicking on it then Click on Start
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-17.png]

  18. A black CMD prompt like screen should appear, Press Enter key to proceed
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-18.png]

  19. Select "Use english for the main language" then click the arrow button
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-19.png]

  20. Click on Continue
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-20.png]

  21. The license agreement screen should appear, Click on Agree
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-21.png]

  22. Click on Utilities > Disk Utility...
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-22.png]

  23. Select the disk with the partition size you created earlier on > Click on the ERASE tab
    format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
    Name: can be anything you like
    Then click on Erase
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-23.png]

  24. In the confirmation box that appears, click Erase
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-24.png]

  25. Once the disk has been erased successfully, Click the small red button on the top left hand corner in order to close the disk utility windows
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-25.png]

  26. Select the disk you just erased and Click on Install
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-26.png]

  27. Wait while Mac OS Mavericks installs
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-27.png]

  28. Once successful, the installation process would prompt for a restart (it would auto-restart after a 10 secs countdown)
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-28.png]

  29. You might get stuck on a blank grey coloured screen (If you don't then skip the next step)
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-29.png]

  30. Simply force shut-down the virtual machine, to do that simply click on Machine > Close
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-30.png]

  31. In the confirmation box that appears, tick the check-box beside "Power off the machine", then click OK
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-31.png]

  32. Right click on the virtual machine then click on Settings
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-32.png]

  33. In the window that appears, Click on the Storage tab
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-33.png]

  34. Right click on the CD drive then click on "Remove Attachment"
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-34.png]

  35. In the confirmation box that appears, Click on "Remove"
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-35.png]

  36. Click on OK
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-36.png]

  37. Start the Virtual machine again by clicking on Start
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-37.png]

  38. Wait while the Guest OS restarts (Mac OS should begin loading)
  39. On the welcome screen, tick the check box beside Show All > scroll down and select your country from the list then click on Continue
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-38.png]

  40. Choose your keyboard layout (select US if you are not sure) then click continue
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-39.png]

  41. Choose your network connection profile then click continue (If you an active Internet Connection, you'll be prompted to login your Apple ID. You can skip if you don't wish to login yet)
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-40.png]

  42. In the confirmation box that appears, Click on "Continue"
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-41.png]

  43. Select "Don't transfer any information now" and click continue
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-42.png]

  44. Click on Agree to proceed 
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-43.png]

  45. In the confirmation box that appears, click on Agree
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-44.png]

  46. Fill in your name, account name and password (it's compulsory) then click continue
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-45.png]

  47. Wait while your Mac is been set up
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-46.png]

  48. Once successful, you should now get to the Mac OS desktop screen
    [Image: How-to-install-Mac-OS-X-in-Windows-using...Box-47.png]

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