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[Tutorial] How to stop the sending of unsolicited SMSs on Gionee phones running on Stock ROM

(This post was last modified: 08-23-2016, 04:34 PM by hovatek. )

On every Gionee smartphone that has a stock ROM from India's Gionee Development Resources , which is quite normal since India's Gionee provides the international updates and services to 4G/LTE GSM smartphones compatible with most countries, there's a default setting on their ROM's that sends feedback from the smartphone to the company, providing statistics and info on commercial & privacy settings.

These operations run without the user knowing about it, with no info on Android systems and notificiations. These operations include sending daily international SMS's to Gionee's India HQ (around 5 SMS's a day) and constant upload of system reports thru the browser. You can check these operations if you access your APPS menu, swipe to System and identify GN_SalesStatistics and GN_SalesTrack. On a monthly basis, you can expect spending from 10€ to 20€.
However, there's a way to avoid this awful condition on your smartphone. First of all, you will need root access. It's simply mandatory.

Once you root your phone, install a file explorer from Google Playstore that access system folders such as ES File Xplorer. Go to menu and check the "Root Explorer". SuperSU should pop up instantly and press "Grant access"
Now go to the root directory /. Select "System" folder.
Then "app" folder, search for 2 folders specifially: GN_Salestrack and GN_Statistics. Select those 2 and delete. Confirm it's deleted.
Now, the programs are deleted however the system will still call the strings to operate those missing programs, which reflects on your smartphone being slow and buggy.

Go to ES File Explorer again. Select root directory "/". Now again, "system" folder. Scroll down and look for "build.prop"
If you're using ES File Explorer you can open this file with the explorer note editor already built in the program.
Open the "build.prop". Carefully search for these strings:


Delete these two strings. These are the phone numbers where the SMS's go to. The numbers may vary. Just deleted the strings and nothing else.
Now for the upload hog, search for this string:


Delete the result, and leave it:


- Exit and reboot the phone. -

Congratulations, you are now NOT spending money without knowing about!

Yours truly, Renato "Bullyman" Vieira


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