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How to Fix Inactive Miracle Box Start Button

(This post was last modified: 09-14-2017, 02:07 PM by X3non. )

If you've been using miracle box and all of a sudden yours has an inactive start button (see the pics below). This is due to using an old and expired version of miracle box. Follow any of the three methods below to fix this.
[Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-2.27-Start-Button-1.png]


This method requires that you make some changes to the Windows Registry and also modifying miracle box handle file.


  1. Press Win + R, then type regedit then click OK
    [Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-Start-Bu...thod-1.jpg]

  2. The Registry Editor window should open
    [Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-Start-Bu...thod-2.jpg]

  3. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\handle, Right click on the handle folder and delete it
    [Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-Start-Bu...thod-3.jpg]

  4. A new window should open requesting confirmation of key delete, click Yes
    [Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-Start-Bu...thod-4.jpg]

  5. Navigate to the location of your Miracle Box folder and open the folder named BOX_Data
    [Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-Start-Bu...thod-5.jpg]

  6. Right click and edit the handle.ini file using Notepad++
    [Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-Start-Bu...thod-6.jpg]

  7. Replace all year values under [update] to 2017 as seen in the screenshot below then save the file (do not change anything other than the years value)
    [Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-Start-Bu...thod-7.jpg]

  8. Now you can launch Miracle Box using the Loader
    [Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-Start-Bu...thod-8.jpg]


This method doesn't require modifying registry or back dating your PC's date.


  1. Navigate to My computer > Drive C
  2. Create a new folder named "Hovatek" (without the quotes)
  3. Open and extract the folder within the Miracle box.zip you downloaded earlier on to the new Hovatek folder you created
    [Image: Miracle-box-start-button-fixer.png]

  4. Download miracle box start button fixer by Team Hovatek @ https://mega.nz/#!gyIwAKyQ!Gm91LcWLXFql-...E7MNjSY3Os
  5. Extract the start button fixer to the miracle box folder
  6. Launch the start button fixer and accept the UAC request
  7. Miracle Box should open with the start button active


This method requires changing your PC date to a time when the version of miracle box was working properly. e.g v2.27a worked properly 1st July 2016


  1. Click on the time at the bottom right hand corner of your PC screen > change date and time setting
    [Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-2.27-Start-Button-2.png]

  2. In the window that appears next, click on "Change date and time.."
    [Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-2.27-Start-Button-3.png]

  3. Another new window would appear, simply backdate your PC's date to an earlier time when miracle was working perfectly (e.g i used 1st July 2016) then click on OK
    [Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-2.27-Start-Button-4.png]

  4. Launch miracle again using Miracle_Loader, it shoould now have an active start button
    [Image: How-to-Fix-Inactive-Miracle-Box-2.27-Start-Button-5.png]


This method requires a fresh Windows installation OR a Windows OS where miracle box hasn't been used while having an internet connection.


  • * You can block miracle box and loader using any other firewall program of your choice. It would work just the same as using Windows firewall.


  1. Open Control Panel > Windows Firewall
    [Image: How-to-Permanently-fix-Miracle-Box-Inact...tton-1.png]

  2. The windows firewall window should open > Click on Advanced settings (located at the left hand side)
    [Image: How-to-Permanently-fix-Miracle-Box-Inact...tton-2.png]

  3. In the window that opens next, Click on Outbound Rules (located at the left hand side)
    [Image: How-to-Permanently-fix-Miracle-Box-Inact...tton-3.png]

  4. Then Click on New Rule (located at the right hand side)
    [Image: How-to-Permanently-fix-Miracle-Box-Inact...tton-4.png]

  5. In the window that appears, tick the check-box beside 'Program' then Click Next
    [Image: How-to-Permanently-fix-Miracle-Box-Inact...tton-5.png]

  6. Tick the check-box beside 'This program path', then Click Browse
    [Image: How-to-Permanently-fix-Miracle-Box-Inact...tton-6.png]

  7. In the window that appears, located the Miracle_Box.exe file then Select it
    [Image: How-to-Permanently-fix-Miracle-Box-Inact...tton-7.png]

  8. Click Next
    [Image: How-to-Permanently-fix-Miracle-Box-Inact...tton-8.png]

  9. Tick the check-box beside 'Block the connection', then Click Next
    [Image: How-to-Permanently-fix-Miracle-Box-Inact...tton-9.png]

  10. Tick the check-box beside 'Domain', 'Private' and 'Public', then Click Next
    [Image: How-to-Permanently-fix-Miracle-Box-Inact...ton-10.png]

  11. Give the rule a name (e.g miraclebox), then Click Next
    [Image: How-to-Permanently-fix-Miracle-Box-Inact...ton-11.png]

  12. Repeat the procedure again for Miracle_Loader_2.27A.exe
    [Image: How-to-Permanently-fix-Miracle-Box-Inact...ton-12.png]

  13. Now, you should be able to keep using this version of miracle box without disconnecting your internet connection or having to backdate your PC's date.
If u are using the cracked version Miracle Eagle Eye 2.27A, go to Box Data,open the file named ''handle'' change the last date to the next year

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