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[Tweak] How To Get Free 260MB With Glo WiFi IMEI Number For 6 Months


Hello guys, i hope you are enjoying the Glo 0.00 Cheat which is still rocking as of today. Well, i have another one for you.

As a matter of fact, this one is a tip and fresh trick you can apply to get "free 260MB when you tweak glo mobile WiFi IMEI"
Glo is currently offering an awesome bundle offer on the Glo Mobile Wifi which costs N15,000.
Glo customers that gets the device will enjoy over 3GB (260MB monthly) worth of free internet data.

The mobile wifi is a very portable device which fits in easily into your pockets and can connect up to 8 devices. This means you can share your connection with your friends, colleagues, family members and so on.
It is compatible and connects with Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, PSP and any other wireless wifi enabled devices including your smart android television.

Now here is the trick, to enjoy the free 260mb(3gb in 6 months), you need to get the glo mobilewifi imei. At the moment, it's not popular as it's just a newly introduced device and the IMEI is asscarce as good job in Nigeria. You know what i mean.
So how do i get the IMEI?

First, get someone who just recently bought the WiFi and get the imei from him or her. Alternatively, walk into anyglo outlet, pretend that you want to buy the glo mobile wifi. Then tell the seller that you want tocheck the features to see if it's to the standardyou want. Then stylishly check and note the imeinumber. That's it.

DO I NEED TO SEND ANY NUMBER?You don't have to send any number or code after tweaking. Once your tweaking is successful,you will get notification from glo that you have been offered the free 260mb which will continue popping in for a period of 6 months

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