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[Tutorial] How to write imei to Andriod China Clones (MTK)

(This post was last modified: 09-07-2016, 01:05 PM by matybazz. )
That moment when you have tried several imei write tool and this comes,  works perfectly for samsung clones other clone owners can try it.

It also requires the use of MTK engineering mode app
But your phone has to atleast be able to show MTK settings in engineering mode app


1. Engineering mode apk download below
2. Imei that needs to be written to the phone


1. Open the app and select mtk settings in the telephony tab navigate to gprs and select

[Image: Screenshot_2016-09-07-12-22-44_zpse60llh...0&fit=clip]

2. If you see a write imei then it should work oj your device if not then you can use the radio information method in the connectivity tab

[Image: Screenshot_2016-09-07-12-23-03_zps6dit6y...0&fit=clip]

if always attached isnt grayed out then tick it

3. Then tap write imei

[Image: Screenshot_2016-09-07-12-23-07_zpsmko793...0&fit=clip]

4. Reboot

Download engineering mode app https://forum.hovatek.com/attachment.php?aid=2782
Or search and download in playstore

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