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[Tweak] use airtel night plan 24hrs if possible till night again


The cheat and its workings are not so difficult to understand.
First of all, Airtel gives you 1.5gb when you subscribe to their night data plan and you can either finish the data or have some remaining by the time the clock strikes 5 o'clock which is when the data will be just too far from your reach!
But it doesn't have to be that way so we are going to do a little time-jumping or whatever you choose to call it. I trust some dudes will even nickname it time travel but the concept is to adjust the time on your device to something that Airtel won't understand so you can keep enjoying your downloads!

How to use Latest Airtel Night Data cheat during the Day to Download
To get started, you need just your android phone and an airtel sim. Then follow the steps below judiciously.

Subscribe to the Night data plan anytime between 12 a.m to 5 a.m
Use the data as you wish until it's almost 5 a.m
Simply go to your phone's settings and adjust your time settings
*Uncheck the time from "automatic update" to enable you to change the time
Adjust the time to any period between 12 a.m to 5 a.m - I always prefer 12:05 a.m so it can buy me more time to do what I want to do!
Navigate back to your browser and continue your downloads!
Keep changing the time back to any period before the above mentioned 2 i.e between 2 and 5 a.m

That's the long and short story but that's only the half of it!
There are other tricks that follow this one which makes it awesome!

Downloading throughout the day and maybe into the Night again!

That means using the airtel night data for more than 24 hours, maybe 3 days or 4 or so depending on how long it takes you to exhaust the 1.5gb data

Here's how the latest airtel cheat works.
I advise you to use UC browser as its the one that worked for me, the only one I tested actually.
When the time strikes 5 o'clock, Airtel is able to detect and they will disconnect you from the night plan
but they will only know that you are still trying to use the internet when you try to browse and they will present the facebook basics stuff.

However, if you are downloading movies or games with uc browser, airtel cannot interfere in this and you will be able to continue using the data that you were given!
So, you need to have downloads that are already in the process of downloading. you can achieve this in UC browser by pausing the download and continuing when it's past 5 a.m

That leads us to the second trick!

Continuing the Downloads
Surely, you may not be able to start and pause so many downloads at the same time so the best thing you can do is to have another sim card on stand by that already has some valid subscription so you can use them to start your downloads then continue with the Airtel sim!

How it works - How to continue downloading after the current downloads have been completed
After you must have finished downloading what you wish to download on UC browser, you have to
Insert another sim that has some valid DATA on it or simply switch to the sim if it is already on the phone

Browse through the download site and start another download.
Pause the download and head back to settings.
Change your preferred sim to airtel again
Resume the downloads and let it complete
Repeat the cycle as many times as you wish but don't forget to always keep an eye on the time and adjust it to support your downloads from time to time!

That's it on how to use the airtel night data plan as you wish and maybe even use the mtn data plan in the same way too!

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Oh, nice trick. Will try it later

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