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Pc Vs. Mac: 10 Reasons Why A Pc Is Better Than A Mac


This article will help you to find out why millions of
people around the world prefer a PC over the Mac.
Though they both possess several beneficial and
valuable features and services, various things still
compel you to think twice before buying your desired
system – PC or Mac. It does not mean that Mac has failed
in achieving its goal, but the simple purpose is to make
out the 10 reasons why a PC is better than a Mac. So,
let’s start gathering the reasons.

#1 - Better for Games
Truth is that you’ll probably enjoy playing games on PC
much better than on Mac. PCs are better than Macs for
gamers. The increasing graphics and size of games make
PCs a more preferable and enjoyable option as
compared to a Mac. If you want to play modern games,
every time swapping out graphic cards can make it a
difficult task. GameTap and Steam plays a great role in
making a PC gaming-on-demand service with thousands
of current titles, but GameTap in Mac works only with
Intel and not for all titles.

#2 - Highly Cost-Effective
PCs are more cost effective than Macs. Apple has formed
a one-pricing all over the world, for all Mac related
things. But with a PC, you can easily find various
manufacturers, thousands and thousands of retail stores,
plenty of restorsated parts etc, which makes you able to
build your own purpose-built machine. You have tons of
choices to select the one based on your budget and
needs that keep you away from getting a hole in your
pocket if you want to experience advanced technology.

#3 - Easy To Build & Customize
Install any Windows version & homemade software. Mac
is not easy to build and be customized. You have to stick
to your offered system given by Apple that you have to
operate for a set price, while a PC gives you a facility to
install your preferred Windows roadster and even take
pleasure of accessing plenty of technologies with
homemade software.

#4 - Windows Compatibility
PCs work effectively with new and old Windows versions.
Mac can run Windows easily, but has not proved good
enough to boot up XP, which is highly compatible and
can easily be performed on PC. You could say that Apple
has to work long way to make its users satisfied with
Mac. Don't even know if Mac OS can run on PC

#5 – Effective USB Broadband
Enjoy the Internet using USB broadband for long hours
USB broadband modems do not work properly on Macs.
When a customer calls support service for assistance
due to any technical issue, they are often not satisfied
with the tech-support provided by Apple. Finding a
consistent ISP system that also supports Mac is often a
headache for you. At that time, a PC comes to mind
because it can support well-matched and effective

#6 – Microsoft Office
PCs support the powerful Microsoft Office with various
solutions. Many people buy PCs because of the very
powerful software, Microsoft Office. It is a fact that no
other software does Word and Excel tasks better than
Microsoft Office does. It is also a powerful solution for
building databases, email and PowerPoint presentations.
However, you can get MS Office for Mac but with several
missing features.

#7 – Hardware Flexibility
You can add or remove any PC hardware component.
Flexibility of hardware is another reason a PC is a better
system than Mac. You can open your PC anytime and can
add or remove any part as per your needs. You can
install the latest graphic card, can upgrade the RAM and
can also replace any non-working component. If you
wish, you are completely free to assemble your own PC
with your own desired components rather than buying a
pre-made system. You cannot do such things with Mac
on your own.

#8 – Highly Secure
A PC is now considered by many as a more secure
system than Mac in terms of viruses & hackers. Mac has
more security issues than using PC. It is said that Apple
has designed its graphical user-interface (GUI) with a
more secure system far away from viruses, which it not
completely true. The popularity of Mac has attracted
more hackers to harm the Mac. It has become less
secure and costs more, so we can give one more
positive point to PC users.

#9 – Additional Valuable
Features PCs make your task easier by manipulating files
facility. After various versions of Mac OS X, it still does
not hold the many features that make Windows Explorer
such a valuable tool. PCs allow you to resize windows
from any corner, you can cut and paste files and move
them around, and you can even rename files. It means a
PC gives you the facility to manipulate files, which keeps
Mac behind in providing such a facility to its users.

#10 - Better Media Compatibility
Turn your PC into video recorder & enjoy favorite
television shows. PCs offer much better media
compatibility that allow you to turn your PC into a
powerful personal video recorder. Not only this, it also
makes you able to record your favourite shows and enjoy
watching them whenever you want to and also provides
outstanding onscreen television guides. Macs do not
support any kind of television feature.
However, PCs don’t always come out on top in the battle
with Macs.
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