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[Tutorial] How to Identify iOS Firmware File for your iPhone based on the iPhone Model

(This post was last modified: 10-29-2016, 04:45 AM by X3non. )

The table below would help you identify which firmware to download /flash based on your iPhone model.
To get your iPhone model, check the back of your device
For the list of firmware files, see https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-9114.html

iPhone Model Identifier
Generation Model  Variant Identifier 
iPhone 2G A1203 GSM iPhone1,1
iPhone 3G A1241 GSM iPhone1,2
iPhone 3G A1324 GSM iPhone1,2
iPhone 3GS A1303 GSM iPhone2,1
iPhone 3GS A1325 GSM iPhone2,1
iPhone 4 A1332 GSM iPhone3,1
iPhone 4 - GSM Rev A iPhone3,2
iPhone 4 A1349 CDMA iPhone3,3
iPhone 4S A1387 GSM + CDMA iPhone4,1
iPhone 4S A1331 GSM + CDMA iPhone4,1
iPhone 5 A1428 GSM iPhone5,1
iPhone 5 A1429 GSM + CDMA iPhone5,2
iPhone 5 A1442 GSM + CDMA iPhone5,2
iPhone 5C A1456 GSM iPhone5,3
iPhone 5C A1532 GSM iPhone5,3
iPhone 5C A1507 GSM + CDMA iPhone5,4
iPhone 5C A1516 GSM + CDMA iPhone5,4
iPhone 5C A1526 GSM + CDMA iPhone5,4
iPhone 5C A1529 GSM + CDMA iPhone5,4
iPhone 5S A1433 GSM iPhone6,1
iPhone 5S A1533 GSM iPhone6,1
iPhone 5S A1457 GSM + CDMA iPhone6,2
iPhone 5S A1518 GSM + CDMA iPhone6,2
iPhone 5S A1528 GSM + CDMA iPhone6,2
iPhone 5S A1530 GSM + CDMA iPhone6,2
iPhone 6 A1549 GSM / North America iPhone7,2
iPhone 6 A1549 CDMA / Verizon iPhone7,2
iPhone 6 A1586 Global / Sprint / A1586 iPhone7,2
iPhone 6 A1589 China Mobile iPhone7,2
iPhone 6S A1522 GSM / North America iPhone7,1
iPhone 6S A1522 CDMA / Verizon iPhone7,1
iPhone 6S A1524 Global / Sprint / A1586 iPhone7,1
iPhone 6S A1593 China Mobile iPhone7,1

Thanks for sharing!

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