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[Development] How to sign an Android application (apk)

(This post was last modified: 07-08-2017, 06:42 PM by hovatek. )

How to sign an apk

  1. Copy the apk to be signed to the SD card of your Android phone
  2. Install Zipsigner @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...ner2&hl=en and launch the app
  3. Select CHOOSE IN/OUT

    [Image: Hovatek-How-to-sign-an-apk-1.png]

  4. Navigate to the location of the apk to be signed and select it

    [Image: Hovatek-How-to-sign-an-apk-2.png]

  5. Set key/mode to platform then tap SIGN THE FILE

    [Image: Hovatek-How-to-sign-an-apk-3.png]

  6. Wait while the apk gets signed

    [Image: Hovatek-How-to-sign-an-apk-4.png]

  7. Once signing is done, check the folder where the unsigned apk is and you should the signed apk

    [Image: Hovatek-How-to-sign-an-apk-5.png]

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