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[Tutorial] How to flash a Mediatek (MTK) phone's firmware in scatter format using GSM Aladdin

(This post was last modified: 07-08-2017, 06:26 PM by hovatek. )

This guide will teach you how to use GSM Aladdin Box to flash a Mediatek (MTK) android phone's firmware in scatter format.


Steps to flash a Mediatek (MTK) phone using GSM Aladdin Box

  1. Extract the content of the GSM Aladdin zip and double-click GSM Aladdin 1.34.exe

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-backup-or-dump-MTK-Androi...-Box-1.jpg]

  2. Click the Mediatek tab

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-backup-or-dump-MTK-Androi...-Box-2.jpg]

  3. Tick WriteFlash

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...-box-1.jpg]

  4. Select your chipset type under Model Option or leave as Auto Detect if not sure

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...-box-2.jpg]

  5. Set to USB

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...-box-3.jpg]

  6. Click the Browse icon at the bottom right corner

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...-box-4.jpg]

  7. Navigate to the location of the backup, select the Scatter file then click Open

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...-box-5.jpg]

  8. Click Connect (at the top)

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...-box-6.jpg]

  9. Click Start

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...-box-7.jpg]

  10. Connect the phone (via USB) while switched off and with a charged battery inside

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...-box-8.jpg]

  11. The phone should get detected

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...-box-9.jpg]

  12. A box should popup, tick the partitions you wish to flash to the phone

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...box-10.jpg]

  13. You should now see >>> Writing Flash Wait...

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...box-11.jpg]

  14. Flashing should begin, do not interrupt

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...box-12.jpg]

  15. Once flashing is done, you should see Write Done 100% . Disconnect the phone then boot

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-flash-firmware-to-a-media...box-13.jpg]
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