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[Game] Pes Club Manager Official Thread!


PES Club Manager is the best football management sim game to date. You will be in control of your team’s finances, attract sponsors and TV right offers, manage your home turf while keeping the revenue flowing from ticket collections, ad revenues and match rewards.

This thread is created to congregate PES club manager players in Nigeria. Here you can share your formation, winning strategy, tactics and starting lineup. You can ask any questions about your team or about the game (new players).

》Do not waste your PES coins on 1x scout, wait till you have 150 coin to use the Scout X5 option. The minimum rarity you'll get from Scout X5 is 5☆
》Do not waste your training cones on just any player, use them on your best player(s) or on your team generally to attain a higher OTR.

Download link will be available if requested..

More updates coming.....
That's online game...it kills mb

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