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(This post was last modified: 03-02-2015, 03:42 AM by niiabe. )

This is the simplest method of installing CWM on any Android device ( but I must confess that this could be also difficult and frustrating... you would get to know later)...

DISCLAIMER: As you already know, processed at you own risk... flashing recovery.img could be dangerous to your device and may cause damage in the process

THINGS Needed:

2. Mobile uncle: can download from playstore or http://tecnocustomroms.blogspot.com/2015...o.html?m=1
3. CLOCKWORK RECOVERY IMAGE for your device. You can get this by Google searching for it/ asking someone with the same model of phone whose has already installed the CWRM to make a backup and send you only the "RECOVERY.IMG" (this part is what makes the whole thing frustrating but to truly flash CWRM without pc it has to be done. and some you have popular phones so it is not difficult to get it)

1. Copy the downloaded CWRM image ( which will be named "recovery.img") to the root of your sdcard... do not put it in any folder.
2. Open Mobileuncle and grant it superuser permission
3. Tap on "RECOVERY UPDATE" and open it... once open it will load for some time so have patience.
4. Hopefully you will see only one recovery.img, tap on that and tap on yes for the next two pop ups that come after
Your device will mow reboot in CLOCKWORK RECOVERY MOD... if it doesn't switch off the device and boot into recovery mod manually.
This is the recovery.img for tecno H6 download
...I will be updating as I get more CWRM images you can also upload yours and paste the link in comment to help someone in need.

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