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[Tutorial] How to fix google playstore cannot establish a reliable connection to the server

(This post was last modified: 08-17-2015, 01:03 AM by hovatek. )

If you get the 'Google Playstore cannot establish a reliable connection to the server' error then here's what to do:

Method 1: Edit Host files

1. Download ROM Toolbox lite
2. Install and launch ROM toolbox (grant super user privileges if prompted)
2b. Select Root browser
3. Open System > Etc folders and locate the Hosts file
4. Highlight on the file, hold it down then click open with (any text editor on your phone)
5. In the Host file's script, insert # before the second set
of IP addresses listed
6. Exit
7. Reboot the phone
8. Go to settings and scroll down to accounts
9. Add your Google account
10. Playstore should work normally now

Method 2: Change date

* Go to Settings > Date & Time
* Set the date to 4 years in the future
* Relaunch Playstore
* One you stop getting the connection error, revert the date to the correct one

Method 3: Uninstall proxy apps

If you have a proxy app like Freedom, you might want to uninstall it or ensure you change your proxy settings to that of your service provider (Settings > More > Mobile networks)

Method 4: Set correct date and time 

Ensure your device's date, timezone & time are correct

Method 5: Clear cache & cache

* Go to Settings > Apps > Google play store & Google play services
* Clear data & cache
* Try again

Need further assistance? Speak with a Hovatek Representative:
Working Hours: Mondays - Saturdays ; 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT +1:00)
Am happy to say that I used Method 1 above and it really helped me a great deal. Though the play store didn't open completely after following all the steps 1-10. So I have to perform another process that I saw somewhere - which has to do with CHANGING MY PHONE DATE TO FOUR YEARS IN FUTURE. And when I opened play store, it opened without delay. Kudos to the hovatek team.

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