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[Please help] MTK Droid Root & Tools 2.5.3 doesn't properly work with my MT6580 based phone


(01-24-2017, 04:39 PM)amaury1967 Wrote: Hello again, I want to comment a new problem I found. BusyBox Installer Pro lets create an installation packet from Recovery, busybox-arm.zip. When trying to install it on mi phone Stock Recovery, on Recovery Mode/apply update from sdcard, operation fails, with this answer:

-- Install /sdcard/ busybox-arm.zip …
Opening update package…
Installation aborted

Let me ask you then, it´s cause apply update from sdcard on my Stock Recovery, is only for System Update (Update.zip files with expected format), and does not work with other kind of file.zip?. Maybe with an Custom Recovery (CWM or TWRP) it do was possible of installing any kind of file.zip on Recovery?.

By the way, I was not able of finding any suitable CWR or TWRP Custom Recovery (not official, not other kind) for my Alcatel Pop Star 5022D. I even tried with MTK ROOT & Tools 2.5.3, and older, and failed. There is any way of making CWM or TWRP to this phone?.

Again, thanks a lot before hands.

Please, create a new thread for this question to avoid a mixup with the Miracle Box post.
We'll be happy to help diagnose and fix this issue, also, with a custom recovery for your phone
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You are completelly right, I should started a new thread with this new issue, sorry. I´m doing it now.

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