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[Tutorial] How to flash a Mediatek (MTK) Smartwatch using SP Flash Tool

(This post was last modified: 07-08-2017, 04:20 PM by hovatek. )

This guide will explain how to flash the Firmware / Stock ROM / Individual files(s) to a Mediatek (MTK) chip powered Smartwatch using SP Flash tool.



See the video tutorial below or @ https://youtu.be/MaKZGuyu4hs

Steps to flash a Mediatek Smartwatch using Sp Flash tool

  1. Run flash_tool.exe as Administrator or just double-click if you aren't Admin

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-1.jpg]

  2. You should see the SP Flash tool dashboard once the tool is launched

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-2.jpg]

  3. Click the choose button in front of Scatter-loading File

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-3.jpg]

  4. Navigate to the folder where the Smartwatch's firmware folder is, select the scatter file then click Open

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-4.jpg]

  5. The files should now be loaded in SP flash tool

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-5.jpg]

  6. Depending on how you wish to flash, you could leave the dropdown at Download Only (recommended) or change as you deem fit
    then click Download

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-6.jpg]

  7. Download should now be greyed out while stop should become Green

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-7.jpg]

  8. Power off the Smartwatch then connect it to the PC via USB (without holding any button while connecting), the Smartwatch should get detected by SP Flash tool (Red bar)

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-8.jpg]

  9. Flashing should commence (Purple then Yellow bar), do not interrupt

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...tool-9.jpg]

  10. Once flashing is completed, you should see Download OK (a White tick in a Green circle)

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-MTK-powered-Smar...ool-10.jpg]

  11. Disconnect the Smartwatch and power on the Smartwatch

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