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How to backup and restore Blackberry apps using BBSAK

(This post was last modified: 03-30-2014, 09:41 AM by hovatek. )

BBSAK has many functions for a Blackberry user but in this guide, we'll discussing how to use it to backup and restore your apps.

* A PC
* Blackberry Cord
* The Blackberry whose apps you wish to backup

How to backup Blackberry apps using BBSAK


1. Download BBSAK @ https://hovatek.com/downloads.php?id=119
2. Connect the Blackberry to the PC
3. Launch BBSAK
4. When prompted, enter the correct password if the Blackberry is password protected or leave the blank if the Blackberry is not password protected then click OK
5. The BBSAK dashboard will open, It should display the Blackberry's PIN, if not, keep clicking connect till it does
6. In the Backup / Restore tab, click Backup Apps
7. Type a name for the backup you are about to make (use something you can remember) then click OK
8. The Backup process will begin ( the Blackberry's screen might flash several times during backup)
9. Once Backupis complete, you should get a prompt; click OK

How to restore Blackberry apps using BBSAK


1. At the BBSAK dashboard, click Restore Apps
2. Select the folder with the same name as the backup you created and click OK
3. The Blackberry's screen might flash and reboot after the restore is complete
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