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How to download a file which Google Drive has flagged as a Virus


There are certain files (false positives uploaded to Google Drive) which you really need to download but Google Drive doesn't allow you download because such files are marked as Virus and therefore only downloadable by the owner. When you attempt to download such a file, you'll get an error like:

[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...irus-1.jpg]

This guide will show you how to download such files anyway

  • A PC
  • A Google account with sufficient space to house the file
  • Temporarily disable your Antivirus


* The URL of the file should be in this format (where xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the ID))


* You need to copy out the file ID i.e what is between ?id= and & (if present)
* Sign into your Google account
* Copy the URL below and replace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the file ID (obtained above) then paste the modified URL in your address bar and press Enter


[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...irus-2.jpg]

* Click the Add to My Drive icon (Google drive icon with a + sign)

[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...irus-3.jpg]

* Wait till copying is done then click Organize

[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...irus-4.jpg]

*Click My Drive

[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...irus-5.jpg]

* You should now be in Google drive

[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...irus-6.jpg]

* Right-click the file (flagged as Virus) and click Make a copy

[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...irus-7.jpg]

* Right-click the newly created file (Copy of the original) and select Get Shareable link

[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...irus-8.jpg]

* The link should be automatically copied to your clipboard, open a new tab then paste the link (Ctrl + P) and press Enter

* Click the Download icon (Arrow down) , a new Window should popup

[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...irus-9.jpg]

* Click Download infected file

[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...rus-10.jpg]

* Google Chrome might offer to discard the file, click Keep. If you're not given a Keep option then click Show all

[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...rus-11.jpg]

* Click Keep Dangerous File

[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...rus-12.jpg]

* When prompted, click Keep anyway

[Image: How-to-download-a-file-which-Google-Driv...rus-13.jpg]

* Navigate to the download location and you should see the file

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