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[Tutorial] how to flash cwm recovery on a bricked phone


these tutorial is about how to flash cwm recovery on a bricked phone or just flashing the system directly without cwm recovery.img on your phone any phone, but first I will only post the one for tecno phones.
flashing cwm recovery on a bricked phone
first you need a pc, your phone driver, adb(android debuging bridge) executable files just Google search download and the recovery.img of your phone, put the recovery.img in sdcard! please take note of everything thing I wrote if you don't want to worsen your phone case in case if you don't have a recovery.img of your phone get the phone of the same type and use mtkdroid tools to create a recovery.img if you don't know how google how, let's proceed note for people who know the mount point of each tecno partition you will notice that the recovery, boot, nvram.bin, does not have a mount point unlike the system, data, cache, fat, protects Ebr, mbr. my point is that the boot.img the recovery.img does not have a mount point in /dev/block/ path or folder but rather their mount point is located in /dev/ path or folder
so flash the recovery img you will need the "dd" command to flash the recovery partition. now in your adb folder open command window in your computer in the adb path( in the adb folder(specific) just open and hold the shift key and right click any where in the folder you will see option with open command window just click it and it will show a black window which you can type in note the command window is highly case sensitive meaning ADB is not adb meaning be very careful or else it might not work, let's proceed plug your phone to the system make sure your phone driver is installed if driver install successfuly you will see installing driver pop box in the notification panel below at right hand side just click the installing driver box and it will display the driver for each usb parts after you see the process complete it.will be marked in green or else red if not work if green then proceed to command window with your phone connected to the pc.
type adb devices it will load and display your phone serial number after type adb shell it will bring something like rootandroid:/ type dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/recovery it Will load and bring out the time it take to flash the recovery disk finish. to boot into recovery mode hold the power and the up volume key to boot into recovery mode. to known how to restore the system without going into the long process of flashing recovery pls comment

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