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How to Restore (Flash) or Update iOS Devices with Downloaded Custom Firmware
(This post was last modified:03-18-2017, 09:43 PM by innagee. )

* Internet Connection
* Original USB Cable for apple device
* Latest iTunes
* Latest iOS Fimware
* Turn Off Find my Iphone in Setting>iCloud>Find my iPhone.
* For OS crash you'll have to enter DFU Mode by. Don't need DFU Mode for Updating:
[Image: Enter-DFU.png]

How to restore backup after Recovery/Flashing, here: https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-17573.html


Open Itunes
1. Click on the Phone by the Top Left

[Image: backing-up-file-2.png]

2. Go to Update or Restore by the Top Right.
Note: for update or restore you must disable Find my iPhone in, Setting>Icloud>Find my iphone

Hold Down Shift and Click Update or Restore, if you have already downloaded your firmware: How to Download here link: https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-17572.html

[Image: backing-up-file-5.png]

For Restore Hold Down Power Button + Home Button until the phone goes off and release power button keep holding home button and Connect USB Cable this will take you to DFU Mode

3. A dialogue box will open to allow you locate the firmware (.ipsw) file you downloaded, and click open.

[Image: backing-up-file-6.png]

4. Click Update, for Restore click Restore at the pop-up

[Image: backing-up-file-7.png]

5. It will automatically extract and install, phone restart several times in this stage.

[Image: backing-up-file-8.png]

By: innagee


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