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[Tutorial] How To Download Torrent File With IDM (Without Utorrent, Bittorrent)
(This post was last modified:03-20-2017, 04:50 PM by innagee. )

Note: To download a torrent file more than 2.50GB you will have subscribe to a Premium Account.


1. Go to extratorrent.one or any other torrent site you know.

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-1.png]

2. Go to a magnet link

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-2.png]

3. Right-Click on Magnet Link and Copy Link Location

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-3.png]

4. Open New Tab, Go to seedr.cc

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-4.png]

5. Click on Log in with Facebook

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-5.png]

6. Once logged in Right-Click and paste your copied magnet URL

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-6.png]

7. Click on the Add Sign

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-7.png]

8. On the Dashboard you will see your file added. Hover on it your will see download by the top right side.

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-8.png]

9. Click Save on the open Dialogue Box.

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-9.png]

10. Click on the Download Arrow Sign

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-10.png]

11. Right Click on the Active Download and Click on Copy Download Link

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-11.png]

12. Open IDM, Click on Add URL

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-12.png]

13. Paste the Copied URL on the Address Bar

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-13.png]

14. Click Ok

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-14.png]

15. Click Start Download on the Pop-up

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-15.png]

16. You can see the Download Progress.

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-16.png]

Steps for Downloading, when you Download the .torrent file.

17. Click on Upload Torrent, Near the + Sign

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-18.png]

18. Locate your .torrent file you downloaded.

[Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-19.png]

That's All.
By: innagee



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