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[Tutorial] How To Download Torrent Files With IDM (Without Utorrent, Bittorrent)

(This post was last modified: 07-08-2017, 05:25 PM by innagee. )

This guide will show you how to download .torrent file if you don't have uTorrent or bitTorrent installed on your Pc. On the other hand if your internet connection is very slow, because usually utorrent needs high speed network.


To download a torrent file more than 2.50GB you must have to upgrade to Premium Account/Membership.

Steps to Download Torrent Files with IDM

  1. Go to extratorrent.one or any other torrent site you want to download torrent from.

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-1.png]

  2. Go to a magnet link

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-2.png]

  3. Right-Click on Magnet Link and Copy Link Location

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-3.png]

  4. Open New Tab, Go to seedr.cc

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-4.png]

  5. Click on Log in with Facebook

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-5.png]

  6. Once logged in Right-Click and paste your copied magnet URL

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-6.png]

  7. Click on the Add Sign

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-7.png]

  8. On the Dashboard you will see your file added. Hover on it your will see download by the top right side.

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-8.png]

  9. Click Save on the open Dialogue Box.

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-9.png]

  10. Click on the Download Arrow Sign

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-10.png]

  11. Right Click on the Active Download and Click on Copy Download Link

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-11.png]

  12. Open IDM, Click on Add URL

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-12.png]

  13. Paste the Copied URL on the Address Bar

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-13.png]

  14. Click Ok

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-14.png]

  15. Click Start Download on the Pop-up

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-15.png]

  16. You can see the Download Progress.

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-16.png]

Steps for Downloading, when you already downloaded the .torrent file.

  1. Click on Upload Torrent, Near the + Sign

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-18.png]

  2. Locate your .torrent file you downloaded.

    [Image: how-to-download-torrent-with-idm-19.png]



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