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[Tutorial] How to read the lock code of a Mediatek (MTK) Smartwatch using Miracle Box

This guide will teach you how to use Miracle Box to read the lock code of a Mediatek (MTK) Smartwatch. 


* Download Miracle Box @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-15700.html
* Install vcom preloader drivers on the PC using https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-440.html
* If your device still doesn't get detected, then try installing the Mediatek VCOM drivers for MTK Smartwatches @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-17148.html


* Extract the Miracle Box zip into a folder and launch Miracle loader exe
[Image: How-to-read-the-lock-code-of-a-Mediatek-...-Box-1.jpg]

* Click the MTK tab
[Image: How-to-read-the-lock-code-of-a-Mediatek-...-Box-2.jpg]

* Click Rd UnLock/IMEI
[Image: How-to-read-the-lock-code-of-a-Mediatek-...-Box-3.jpg]

* Select the correct device's chipset type from the dropdown bar (Leave as Auto Detect if you are not sure)
[Image: How-to-read-the-lock-code-of-a-Mediatek-...-Box-4.jpg]

* Click Start Button, You should now see >>> Waiting for USB Port... . At this point, switch off the Smartwatch then connect it to the PC via USB cord (Miracle Box should detect the device)
[Image: How-to-read-the-lock-code-of-a-Mediatek-...-Box-5.jpg]

* Once the process is complete, you should see the unlock code and IMEI displayed on the screen
[Image: How-to-read-the-lock-code-of-a-Mediatek-...-Box-6.jpg]

* You can now disconnect the device


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