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Get Glo Bis 3GB of 1K and Enjoying Surfing with Your Android Phones and PC


switch off your phone and remove the battery for 5mins,switch it back on and reconnect
Guys please help me oh am using Asus(non mtk) fonepad7 k012...I subscribed to glo bis,changed my imei no,my tab is rooted and I have done virtually every step above but H or 3G does not comeup again since I subscribed oh pls help me....Thanks,pls contact me whatsapp @08164501881....
(06-28-2015, 10:30 AM)ekehjoshua Wrote: My nokia X is not working I have change the imei have subscribe and also the setting still yet it won connect the H or E will not show

Are u sure the bb imei u used has not been used before?
Make sure your homepage is set to blackberry.net
Oiit bad news.....the glo bis COMonth to 777 is now 1500...a pal of mine tried it with 1000 and was told insufficient bal, he called the customer care n he was told its now 1500! 😕

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