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How to pay for or renew your GOTV subscription online using GTBank Internet banking

(This post was last modified: 04-19-2017, 11:37 AM by Keslar. )

Paying for your GOTV subscription is very convenient with Quickteller on the GTBank Internet Banking portal. You could of course still visit a GOTV retailer to subscribe but for those like me who love convenience, the internet makes it all really easy.

How do I pay for my GOTV subscription on the Guaranty Trust Bank internet banking platform?

* Login to the GTBank internet banking portal

[Image: pay-for-gotv-online-1.jpg]

* Once logged in, click on Payments & Collections at the left

[Image: pay-for-gotv-online-2.jpg]

* Select Quickteller

[Image: pay-for-gotv-online-3.jpg]

* Click New request

[Image: pay-for-gotv-online-4.jpg]

* Fill the quick form:

[Image: pay-for-gotv-online-5.jpg]
  • Select your bank account from the dropdown.
  • Under Biller Name, select GOTV
  • Under Utility Name, select the GOTV subscription plan you intend to pay for
  • Supply the decoder's IUC number (can be located under the decoder) if prompted
  • The page will automatically reload and the corresponding price will appear under Amount
  • Under Email Address, enter your email address (the one associated with your GOTV account)
  • Under Mobile Number, enter your phone number (the one associated with your GOTV account)
  • Enter a remark (optional)
  • Enter the answer to your GTBank Internet Banking portal's secret question under Answer your secret question
  • Click Continue
  • On the confirmation page, enter the code generated from your Hardware token
  • You should get a confirmation of a successful payment (prompt) and an SMS / Email confirming your subscription payment
Very helpful

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