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[Tutorial] How to install iOS app (.ipa) not downloaded with iTunes

(This post was last modified: 07-09-2017, 10:28 PM by innagee. )

In this Guide you will learn how to Install an iOS app (.ipa) that is not downloaded with iTunes. See the guide on How to download and Install iTunes @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-17571.html

Steps to Install iOS app with iTunes

  1. Right-Click on the .ipa file and Hover on Open with then Click iTunes

    [Image: how-to-send-ios-app-not-downloaded-with-itunes-1.png]

  2. iTunes will launch automatically, Click on the Drop Down menu

    [Image: how-to-send-ios-app-not-downloaded-with-itunes-2.png]

  3. Click on Apps

    [Image: how-to-send-ios-app-not-downloaded-with-itunes-3.png]

  4. Click on Library from the Top Center

    [Image: how-to-send-ios-app-not-downloaded-with-itunes-4.png]

  5. Click and Hold then Drag and Drop on the iPhone/iPad/iPod

    [Image: how-to-send-ios-app-not-downloaded-with-itunes-6.png]

  6. You can see the app installed on my iPhone

    [Image: how-to-send-ios-app-not-downloaded-with-itunes-7.png]


    App will not work unless you verify it by using wi-fi or mobile data, immediately after launching the app, Apple Store will verify the app.


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