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[Tutorial] How to Fix "This Program Can Not be Run Under VMware" Error

(This post was last modified: 07-08-2017, 12:58 AM by X3non. )

If you've tried running a software in a virtual PC and you get an error stating "This Program can not be run under VMware!",
This guide would show how to fix the error in the picture below.
[Image: How-to-Fix-This-program-can-not-be-run-u...rror-1.jpg]


  • The guide assumes that you are using VMware not Virtual Box
  • Miracle box is used as an example in the guide but the fix works for other programs so long as its VMware.

How to Fix "This Program Can Not be Run Under VMware" Error

  1. Shutdown the OS of the Virtual Machine
    [Image: How-to-Fix-This-program-can-not-be-run-u...rror-2.jpg]

  2. Navigate to "C:\Users\*Your_User_Name*\Documents\Virtual Machines\*Your Windows version*"
    C: the drive where windows is installed
    X3non: your username on windows
    Windows XP Professional: the name of the virtual machine
    [Image: How-to-Fix-This-program-can-not-be-run-u...rror-3.jpg]

  3. Right click on and edit the .vmx file using Notepad++
    [Image: How-to-Fix-This-program-can-not-be-run-u...rror-4.jpg]

  4. Scroll to the bottom and add a new line with the values below then save the file
    Add monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = "true"
    [Image: How-to-Fix-This-program-can-not-be-run-u...rror-5.jpg]

  5. Now, you can launch the software again under the Virtual Machine
    [Image: How-to-Fix-This-program-can-not-be-run-u...rror-6.jpg]

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