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[Tutorial] How to flash Windows OS to a Dual OS tablet (Android + Windows) via Boot Manager

(This post was last modified: 07-07-2017, 07:44 PM by hovatek. )

This guide will explain how to flash Windows Operating System to a Dual OS tablet (Windows + Android) using Boot Manager and a Bootable USB drive.


How to flash a Dual OS tablet from Boot Manager

  1. Connect the bootable USB device to the tablet and power it on

  2. Once the tablet responds to the power button, tap the Esc key

  3. Select Boot Manager and tap Enter

    [Image: How-to-flash-Windows-OS-to-a-Dual-OS-tab...ager-1.jpg]

  4. Select the bootable USB from the list and tap Enter. In this example, its EFI USB Device (ADATA USB Flash Drive)

    [Image: How-to-flash-Windows-OS-to-a-Dual-OS-tab...ager-2.jpg]

  5. Sit back and let installation proceed

    [Image: How-to-flash-Windows-OS-to-a-Dual-OS-tab...ager-3.jpg]

  6. The tablet should proceed to the Windows installation screen, don't interrupt

    [Image: How-to-flash-Windows-OS-to-a-Dual-OS-tab...ager-4.jpg]

  7. Once the tablet boots into Windows, navigate to the desktop. At the System Preparation Tool that appears, for System Cleanup Action, select Enter System Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) [First option]. For the Shutdown Options, select Reboot [Second option] (as shown in the image below). Click OK, the tablet should reboot

    [Image: How-to-flash-Windows-OS-to-a-Dual-OS-tab...ager-5.jpg]

  8. You should now be at the Windows setup Wizard, follow the prompts at Wizard

    [Image: How-to-flash-Windows-OS-to-a-Dual-OS-tab...ager-6.jpg]
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