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[Tutorial] How to Write IMEI and SN Number to a Huawei Modem or MiFi

(This post was last modified: 07-08-2017, 09:44 PM by X3non. )

Invalid IMEI on a huawei modem is most likely as a result of tampering with the NVM, those who unlock their devices using bootshot method might notice that the device no longer has a valid IMEI or SN number.
The device might still work properly even with this invalid BUT it would be rather safe to have everything in perfect condition. This guide shows how to write back IMEI and SN number.


How to Write IMEI and SN Number to a Huawei Modem or MiFi

  1. Disconnect the device and insert a working sim of your choice (you'll get an error message if you try writing IMEI without a SIM card inside the device)
  2. Power on the device and connect to the PC using a USB cord
  3. Now run DC-unlocker
  4. Select Huawei modems > Use auto detect > Click the search button
    [Image: How-to-Write-IMEI-and-SN-Number-to-a-Hua...MiFi-1.jpg]

  5. The device should be detected and all information displayed
    [Image: How-to-Write-IMEI-and-SN-Number-to-a-Hua...MiFi-2.jpg]

  6. Now type the code below and hit Enter

    where ***** is the 15 digit original IMEI gotten from the carton of your device
    [Image: How-to-Write-IMEI-and-SN-Number-to-a-Hua...MiFi-3.jpg]

  7. You should get "OK" meaning the IMEI was written successfully
  8. To write SN number, Launch HxD editor > press "control + N" to open a new file
  9. Type the original serial number gotten from the carton of your device into the right hand side and the hex value should be displayed in the middle
    [Image: How-to-Write-IMEI-and-SN-Number-to-a-Hua...MiFi-4.jpg]

  10. Now type the code below into DC-unlocker and hit Enter
    AT^NVWR=6,16,** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** 

    where ** ** ** ... is the hex value gotten from HxD editor

  11. You should get "OK" meaning the SN number was written successfully


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