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[Tutorial] How to bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on a Spreadtrum phone using Fastboot

(This post was last modified: 11-13-2017, 10:06 AM by innagee. )


[Image: how-to-remove-bypass-frp-google-account-...-1-min.jpg]

Steps to Bypass Factory Reset Protection FRP on Itel IT1409 (SPD)

  1. Boot into recovery by holding Power Button for 2 sec. then Press Vol Down and Release Power Button.
    Then scroll down to "Reboot to Bootloader" with the Vol down button, Press Power Button to Select.

    [Image: how-to-remove-bypass-frp-google-account-...-2-min.jpg]

  2. The phone will boot into fastboot mode, as show in the below image.

    [Image: how-to-remove-bypass-frp-google-account-...-3-min.jpg]

  3. Now Open CMD.exe as an Administrator

    [Image: how-to-remove-bypass-frp-google-account-...-4-min.png]

  4. Click "Yes" on the Pop-up Window

    [Image: how-to-remove-bypass-frp-google-account-...-5-min.png]

  5. Command Prompt will open then type the command below and Hit Enter Button
    fastboot erase persist

    [Image: fastboot.jpg]

  6. Then type the below command to restart your phone
    fastboot reboot

    [Image: fastboot-2.jpg]

  7. Now Google Account is removed on your device

    [Image: how-to-remove-bypass-frp-google-account-...-9-min.png]



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