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[Tutorial] How to Download from mega.nz with IDM (Internet Download Manager)

(This post was last modified: 07-28-2017, 02:08 PM by innagee. )

In this guide you will learn how to download from mega.nz with your pc using Mega Downloader.

Steps to Download from mega.nz with (IDM) Internet Download Manager

Method 1


IDM (Internet Download Manager), Download
MegaDownloader, Download

  1. Right-Click on the mega.nz download link address and copy the link.

    [Image: how-to-download-a-file-from-mega.ng-with-idm-1.png]

  2. Open MegaDownloader which you've downloaded and installed then click on Streaming on the Menu Bar.

    [Image: how-to-download-a-file-from-mega.ng-with-idm-2.png]

  3. Click on Watch Online

    [Image: how-to-download-a-file-from-mega.ng-with-idm-2-1.png]

  4. Paste the link you've copied in the previous step, and wait for 3-4sec. It'll automatically generate the "Streaming URL Link.

    [Image: how-to-download-a-file-from-mega.ng-with-idm-3.png]

  5. Copy the "Streaming URL Link" generated.

    [Image: how-to-download-a-file-from-mega.ng-with-idm-4.png]

  6. Now, open your IDM (Internet Download Manager) and click "Add URL"

    [Image: how-to-download-a-file-from-mega.ng-with-idm-5.png]

  7. Paste the URL link you've copied on the "Address Bar".

    [Image: how-to-download-a-file-from-mega.ng-with-idm-6.png]

  8. Click OK

    [Image: how-to-download-a-file-from-mega.ng-with-idm-6-1.png]

  9. You'll see your Download file info pops-up, wait for 3-5sec till you've seen the file name and size appeared before clicking "Start Download"

    [Image: how-to-download-a-file-from-mega.ng-with-idm-7.png]

Method 2

  1. Copy the download link hosted in mega.nz

    [Image: how-to-download-mega.nz-files-with-idm2.png]

  2. In your browser Go to www.autogeneratelink.us

    [Image: how-to-download-mega.nz-files-with-idm1.png]

  3. Paste the link inside the textbox

    [Image: how-to-download-mega.nz-files-with-idm3.png]

  4. Click Generate Button to Generate the Download Link

    [Image: how-to-download-mega.nz-files-with-idm4.png]

  5. Click on the download link Generated below to start download

    [Image: how-to-download-mega.nz-files-with-idm5.png]

  6. You will see the Start Download Pop up.

    [Image: how-to-download-mega.nz-files-with-idm6.png]


Thanks a lot.

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