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[Please help] TWRP for Tablet Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite 10 (LTE) BAH-L09


Nope, still looking even for a root solution.

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Im also trying to find anything to do this....
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Well, I´ve found a Webpage (I could swear it wasn´t present a view days ago...coz I almost daylie check the web for a root-solution or the stock-ROM)  which offers several firmwares for the BAH-L09 and are suitable for various countries e.g..Germany.  But...
the content is calling an "exclusive file" which is downloadable only if u pay a minimum of $15 for the "Silver Membership". I created a Free Membership-account coz I am not willing to pay the amount, not yet, actually. Wink

So, the question obvious: Does somebody has a paid membership for this site and is willing to download the firmware ?
But most important: Is this site even legit or (and I fear that coz the creation-date of the uploaded files seems to be strange..since the M3 lite 10 wasn´t even official released in April -or do I oversee sth?) is it just a scam-site to get the best of each customer: his cash ?

I appreciate any infos and/or experiences about this site which calls: Easy Firmware
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It seems, that I´ve finally found the solution to extract the stock recovery, from this stubborn Tablet!

After finding & downloading the OTA-update.zip via the Firmware Finder from Team MT @ the G-PlayStore, (several weeks ago I´ve already tried the "Finder" but wasn´t updated)
I´ve extracted the update.zip with the Huawei Update Extractor which was made by the XDA-developer "worstenbrood".
Thanks btw to the XDA-user "bovirus" for the pushing advise to this great and simple Win-Tool.

How ever, u can find the stock-recovery.img on my G-Drive.
The size seems a little bit big (60MB - and has the same size like the eRecovery.img) but I hope @maxpayne, @Hovatek or any other willing dev is able to work with it. *fingercoss*

Here´s a screeny, jfi, from the OTA, which has the endnumber ..021, which is the newest update.
[Image: ota-screeny-bah-l094usfh.png]

I´m rly hoping that´s the file u needed but If u need more, infos/files. Just let me know.
Ah, btw, just because I don´t know if the "RECOVERY.img.header"-file is necessary, I´ve putted in the folder aswell.



Because I am still on the "old" version of the ROM (bah-l09c100b018), I´ve extracted & uploaded the Stock-Recovery from the 018-ROM for safety's sake.
I don´t know if the "new"OTA-Recovery (bah-l09c100b021) will be compatible with the "old" (018) ROM.
If needed, u can find it also on G-Drive which I´ve called "oldRECOVERY.img"

The M3 Lite 10 LTE has been finally updated to BAH-L09C100B021 (named on G-Drive: "RECOVERY.img"), only!

It was quiet tricky to do so, with the Firmware Finder, but also rly easy.
@All: If u wanna update ur tablet to 021, just follow the instructions from the guy below.
I recommend the red-framed OTA-update from the above picture, since it´s linked to the big update-patches ! (So, yes u need time)

Later I will rename the Thread-name aswell. Sth like "TWRP for Huawei BAH-L09 inclusive update tutorial" or so. Wink
Is nobody willing or able to create a custom recovery à la TWRP ? Undecided
(08-11-2017, 08:42 PM)essayn Wrote: Is nobody willing or able to create a custom recovery à la TWRP ? Undecided

Drop your gmail address if you're on Google Hangout
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(08-12-2017, 11:04 AM)hovatek Wrote:
(08-11-2017, 08:42 PM)essayn Wrote: Is nobody willing or able to create a custom recovery à la TWRP ? Undecided

Drop your gmail address if you're on Google Hangout

It's [email protected]

[email protected] atm, will response as soon as I'm @home.

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