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[Tutorial] How to Change / Modify Sound Equalizer in Windows

(This post was last modified: 07-08-2017, 10:02 PM by X3non. )

Music freaks / lovers would testify that there is nothing like been able to setup your personalized sound equalizer. Naturally, windows doesn't come with a sound equalizer installed. This tutorial would show you how to add, change or modify the default system-wide sound equalizer.


  • PC Equalizer auto starts as Windows boots up (so there is no need to try to launch the program when you boot your PC).
  • You can open PC equalizer window by clicking on the icon in the notification area.


How to Change / Modify Sound Equalizer in Windows

  1. Install Equalizer APO based on your windows architecture
  2. After installation, the configuration window should come up; tick the check-box beside your audio devices then click OK
    [Image: How-to-Change-Modify-Sound-Equalizer-in-Windows-1.jpg]

  3. Now Reboot the PC when prompted to do so.
  4. Once done with the reboot, install PC Equalizer GUI 
  5. Once you've installed PC Equalizer GUI, it will ask for permissions to overwrite config.txt, Click on Yes.
    [Image: How-to-Change-Modify-Sound-Equalizer-in-Windows-2.jpg]

  6. In PC Equalizer window, you can change or modify the Equalizer presets from the drop-down menu.
    [Image: How-to-Change-Modify-Sound-Equalizer-in-Windows-3.jpg]

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