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Headline: Itel features Android 8.0 Oreo; launches the Itel S42, A44 & A44 Pro... LEARN MORE (Mar, 2018)
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[User Review] Which one should you choose ? Leagoo M8 Or Uhans A6.

(This post was last modified: 07-12-2017, 12:05 PM by SailorJohn. )

I help you to pick the right one. 

UHANS A6 has attracted a lot of attention since its initial leakage, till its final launch. However, there is a dilemma that buyers are faced with: it is a quite tight race between UHANS A6 and Leagoo m8 according to its more or less similar specifications. Here are the comparisons reviewer has made for shopping guide.
[Image: pic1.jpg]
Firstly, Leagoo M8 is a little bit cheaper than UHANS A6, meanwhile, in comparison to A6’s 5.5-inch screen, it is fitted with a bigger screen which is the so-called 5.7 inch.
Nevertheless, spare from the similarities and the above differences, below comparisons also worth a look.
OS: UHANS A6 is armed with stock Android 7.0, while Leagoo M8 is just equipped with Freeme OS based on Android 6.0.
[Image: pic2.jpg]
Battery: Battery: Leagoo m8 is fitted with a 3500mAh battery while UHANS A6 is loaded with a 4150mAh one. As the pictures show, Leagoo M8's battery looks like to feature a larger volume than A6's at the first sight, however, the truth is that A6's battery is far more thicker and heavier than M8's.
[Image: pic3.jpg]
[Image: pic4.jpg]

Even though Leagoo M8 battery is 11g lighter than the UHANS A6’s, M8's unibody is 19g heavier than A6's. But why? Actually, A6 has adopted premium aluminum alloy frame other than M8’s bulky Zinc alloy one.
[Image: pic5.jpg]
Camera: One thing we should mention is that technically it is impossible for Smartphone with MTK6580 processor to feature a 13MP camera, so, why Leagoo M8 is boasting a 13MP camera? Differently, UHANS A6 is equipped with a down-to-earth 8MP Samsung sensor camera, and for its performance, please check the below pictures taken by A6.
[Image: pic13.jpg]
Screen lamination technology: UHANS A6 offers a seamless display experience than the Leagoo M8 and it is attributed to the different screen lamination craftsmanship. The one adopted with fully laminated screen wins over the non-fully-laminated one in color-preservation and image clearness. That’s to say, A6 performs better in display effect.
[Image: pic6.jpg]
[Image: pic7.jpg]

Navigation Bar: As the pictures show, it is open-mouthed to find that the 5.7-inch Leagoo M8 is actually featuring a smaller available display than the 5.5-inch UAHNS A6 while with the virtual buttons popping up.
[Image: pic8.jpg]
Multiple finger-touch: UHANS A6 is equipped with 10 fingers touch while the M8 is 5.
[Image: Pic9.jpg]
GPS: Data was collected while positioning the 2 phones at the same location: Signal strength of UHANS A6 are steadily above 30, and the Leagoo M8 are always lingering around 20. What’s more, A6 has 9 signals available while M8 is 8. Definitely, A6 is the winner in signal reception.
[Image: pic10.jpg]
RAM: Both smartphones boast 2GB RAM, but what the real memory is? Pure Android 7.0 OS is the final liberator who offers A6’s users more reliable while available storage. 
[Image: pic11.jpg]
Back cover craftsmanship: Leagoo M8 features a brushed and glossy back cover which makes it feels slippy and cool in hand. However, the shortcoming is that it also attracts fingerprints. To the contrary, UHANS A6 is sprayed with specialized while rare fluff paint. And it usually makes a good performance in resisting fingerprints.

[Image: pic12.jpg]
If you are still hesitating in choosing one among the candidates, then feel free to ask questions.

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