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[Tutorial] How to fix Mega.nz cache taking up extra space on your PC's Hard Disk during download

(This post was last modified: 07-31-2017, 04:57 AM by hovatek. )

Downloading from mega.nz comes with its own challenges. From having to (compulsorily) install the app on Android to running low on Hard Disk ( C: ) storage space when downloading with Google Chrome due to Mega taking up twice the size of the file you're trying to download. If for example, you intend to download a 2GB file from mega via your browser then you need to have at least 4GB free on your PC else that download will fail at the last minute due to insufficient storage space; Time and MB gone! You would ideally have to restart the PC to regain that extra consumed storage but this guide will show you how to regain the free space (clear the mega cache on Google chrome) without restarting your PC. This also comes in handy when you're downloading a chain of files (several files) and don't have the luxury to restart after each or enough space to contain twice their total size.

[Image: Hovatek-Clear-Temporary-Mega.co_.nz-file...ache-1.jpg]

Steps to clear Mega.nz download cache on Google Chrome (Windows)

  1. Mega saves the downloaded file to both your Downloads folder and Appdata in

    C:\User\Username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\File System\

  2. You need to first enable viewing of hidden files and folders under View
  3. For Windows 8 and above, Open any folder and click the View tab at the top then tick the Hidden items box
  4. For Windows 7, Open any folder > Click Organize > Folder and search options > View > Show hidden files, folders and drives

    [Image: Hovatek-SHow-hidden-files-folders-and-drives.jpg]

  5. Now, navigate to the directory in Appdata mentioned above.
  6. In the File System folder, you'll find files with numeric names e.g 000,001,002,003 etc
  7. Right-click each (starting from the top) then select Properties to view the sizes. You could sort the list by date or size to help you find the most resent cache
  8. Once you find a folder of a large size (hundreds or Megabytes to Gigabytes), open it
  9. Open the p folder then the folder with a numeric name (e.g 00)

    [Image: Hovatek-Clear-Temporary-Mega.co_.nz-file...ache-2.jpg]

  10. You can then Shift + Delete the file (permanently delete)
  11. Ensure not to delete the cache for a file that's still being downloaded

A more convenient approach is to download from Mega using Internet Download Manager (IDM)
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