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[Tutorial] How to fix QHSUSB_BULK or Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 error on a HTC (Qualcomm) Android phone

(This post was last modified: 08-07-2017, 01:48 PM by hovatek. )

The QHSUSB_BULK or Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 issue is characterized by a totally dead HTC (Qualcomm) Android phone; no light, no LED, can't boot into Hboot, fastboot or recovery...just totally dead. The only sign of life is when you connect the phone to a PC; the PC makes a sound and the phone gets detected in Device Manager as QHSUSB_BULK or Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (Device Manager might refresh)

[Image: ScreenHunter_205-Aug.-07-00.51.jpg]

What is this error?

This error is an indication that the phone is hard bricked due to a corrupted Bootloader.  It could occur randomly or after you make a change to the phone, causing the phone to go into Qualcomm Emergency Download Mode

How to fix HTC (Qualcomm) QHSUSB_BULK or Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 error


Steps to create a bootable SD card from the mmcblk0.img

You'll need the mmcblk0.img  for your phone model. You can search for this online or extract (from a working phone) using Win32DiskImager / ADB . Once the mmcblk0.img has been obtained, you now need to create a bootable SD card using the mmcblk0.img and Win32DiskImager:

  1. Connect the SD Card to the PC
  2. Launch Win32DiskImager

    [Image: create-a-bootable-SD-card-from-the-mmcbl...ager-1.jpg]

  3. Under Device, select the drive letter for the SD Card ( e.g D:\ )

    [Image: create-a-bootable-SD-card-from-the-mmcbl...ager-2.jpg]

  4. Click the folder icon under Image File. In the Window that pops up, navigate to the location of the mmcblk0.img , highlight it then click Open

    [Image: create-a-bootable-SD-card-from-the-mmcbl...ager-3.jpg]

  5. The File should now be loaded to Win32DiskImager

    [Image: create-a-bootable-SD-card-from-the-mmcbl...ager-4.jpg]

  6. Click Write

    [Image: create-a-bootable-SD-card-from-the-mmcbl...ager-5.jpg]

  7. When prompted to confirm your action, click Yes

    [Image: create-a-bootable-SD-card-from-the-mmcbl...ager-6.jpg]

  8. Win32DiskImager should now start writing the image file to the SD card, do not interrupt

    [Image: create-a-bootable-SD-card-from-the-mmcbl...ager-7.jpg]

  9. Once done, you should get a Write Successful prompt

    [Image: create-a-bootable-SD-card-from-the-mmcbl...ager-8.jpg]

Steps to get the Hard Bricked HTC (Qualcomm) phone into Bootloader (Hboot)

  1. Insert the bootable SD card (from above) into the phone
  2. With the battery still inserted, hold the Volume down (decrease) button then connect the Phone to a charger
  3. The phone should enter Hboot (If this doesn't work then try with the battery disconnected first then reconnected once a charging animation appears)
  4. You can now flash the RUU to the phone

[Image: Hovatek-HTC-in-HBoot.jpg]
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