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[Tutorial] How to Fix IDM "An Error Occured During Download" While Resuming Download

(This post was last modified: 08-09-2017, 08:13 AM by hovatek. )

This guide will show you how to Fix IDM "An Error Occurred During Download" While Resuming Download

[Image: how-to-fix-idm-an-error-occurred-during-...gain-1.png]

Method 1

  1. Exit/Close IDM from the taskbar by right clicking and Clicking on "Exit"

    [Image: how-to-fix-idm-an-error-occurred-during-...gain-2.png]

  2. Re-launch IDM,

    [Image: how-to-fix-idm-an-error-occurred-during-...gain-3.png]

  3. Trace the file from the download queue, right-click and click Resume Download from the options

    [Image: how-to-fix-idm-an-error-occurred-during-...gain-4.png]

  4. IDM will capture new download link, Click "Allow" to allow the software open the browser.

    [Image: how-to-fix-idm-an-error-occurred-during-...gain-5.png]

  5. You will see IDM waiting for new download link, like in the picture below

    [Image: how-to-fix-idm-an-error-occurred-during-...gain-6.png]

  6. If it finishes loading the Original source website Click on "Download"

    [Image: how-to-fix-idm-an-error-occurred-during-...gain-7.png]

  7. IDM will ask if this is the new download link for the file then click "Yes".
    Note: downloading another file will corrupt the download progress

    [Image: how-to-fix-idm-an-error-occurred-during-...gain-8.png]

  8. The file will resume downloading as in the picture below

    [Image: how-to-fix-idm-an-error-occurred-during-...gain-9.png]

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