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[Tutorial] Change fonts in Tecno H6


This is a tutorial on Changing stock fonts of tecno H6 which refuses to change fonts with third party font changers like Ifont and other font changers.
First make sure your phone is rooted. If not search the forum or google to equip yourself with the knowledge of what rooting does and if you should root.
If your phone is rooted then please proceed.
NB: I am not responsible for bricking your device if you use this method. I've tested it on my tecno h6 and it worked for me.
Open this link http://www.datafilehost.com/d/a302ffb9 and click on the download button under it.
Install it and download the desired font.
NB: its better to download a custom font apk than download from within Ifont donate.
Open the application and select yes if there is a permissions prompt. Navigate to install that's assuming you have downloaded and installed ur desired font manually.
Tap on skip in pop up and choose yes again if there is a superuser request permission.
Your device will reboot and voila. Font changed... Enjoy Tecno H6 users

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