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[Tutorial] Safe Mobile Device Management Unlock Solution For iPhone and iPad


Do you have iOS device that is MDM locked?
Trying to find the quick and safe solution to bypass MDM lock?
iActivate software is the best tool to bypass Mobile Device Management configuration profile on any iOS device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (WIFI or GSM).

Advantages of MDM bypass with iActivate
Single click MDM bypass
Any iOS Version Supported
All iTunes Versions Supported
Windows / Mac Supported
Supported Bypass by: IMEI, SN or UDID
No technical knowledge needed
No Need to edit Hosts file
No Need to install / uninstall 3rd party certificates
No Need to connect and complete bypass by TeamViewer

Here is what you should know about MDM unlock:
  • Order the iActivate service ONLY if you have MDM profile lock on your iPhone or iPad.
  • MDM unlock is NOT iCloud unlock. So be very attentive as there is no refund for wrong order. iActivate tool cannot bypass iCloud Locked devices.
  • The results are TEMPORARY.

The MDM Activation lock iPhone screen becomes unlocked temporarily. The service doesn't offer permanent fix. So when you update to newer iOS version or restore your iOS device the lock will return.
Why the results are TEMPORARY? Is it possible to Unlock again?
You can ask why the results are TEMPORARY? If so that there is no need to use the 24/7 service is the results are not permanent. But don’t as when you order the iActivate service your IMEI will be added to the activation approval list. It means that you can manually return to MDM unlocked state by backing up the device after restoring or upgrading to the latest iOS version.

So DON'T forget to backup the unlocked your iOS device via iTunes or iCloud right after you receive successful MDM Activation unlock result.

How To Quickly Check If Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is Mobile Device Management Locked or Not:
  • Step 1. Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Step 2. Connect your device using USB cable.
  • Step 3. If you see the text similar to “Company name will automatically configure your iDevice” – it means that your device is MDM locked.
  • Step 4. During the activation you'll be also asked to provide the name and passcode for your corporation profile. In other words, this is 100% evidence that your device is enrolled to Apple DEP MDM program.
  • Quick Instructions On How To Use iActivate Software.
  • For first submit/order your devices IMEI number in this service.
  • Step 1. Download tool from: iactivate.host/downloads/
  • Step 2. Press Start iActivate Server Button.
  • Step 3. Connect your MDM Locked Device into iTunes and Activate it as you normally do.
  • Step 4. After Bypass process is completed press Stop iActivate Server. That's it!!!Great job.

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