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[Tutorial] How to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using a Blackberry


In this Brief guide, I'll explain how to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using a Blackberry.
* Note: This guide is only applicable to Blackberry phones that support Hotspot.

1. Navigate to the Blackberry Home screen

[Image: create-hotspot-on-a-blackberry-1.jpg]

2. Select Manage connections

[Image: create-hotspot-on-a-blackberry-2.jpg]

3. Tick Mobile Hotspot

[Image: create-hotspot-on-a-blackberry-3.jpg]

4. Enter a Pass phrase (Wi-Fi password) then select Ok

[Image: create-hotspot-on-a-blackberry-4.jpg]

5. You'll get a prompt, select Ok

[Image: create-hotspot-on-a-blackberry-5.jpg]

6. Your Wi-Fi Hotspot should be live and ready to be connected to

[Image: create-hotspot-on-a-blackberry-6.jpg]

7. To Edit your Hotspot details like SSID (Display name), Pass phrase etc, Scroll down then select Networks and Connections

[Image: create-hotspot-on-a-blackberry-7.jpg]

8. Select Mobile Hotspot Connections

[Image: create-hotspot-on-a-blackberry-8.jpg]

9. You can then edit the SSID and other settings

[Image: create-hotspot-on-a-blackberry-9.jpg]

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