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iPhone: can't hear or be heard during phone call unless I switch to speaker mode

(This post was last modified: 11-12-2013, 01:12 PM by hovatek. )

When someone calls, I can't hear them through the
receiver or speaker phone, and I can't hear music
through the speaker. I also can't be heard by
someone who is calling me unless I put the phone in speaker mode .
Note: iPhone has one speaker, which is adjacent to
the dock connector. On iPhone 4 or later models,
the speaker is to the right of the dock connector. On
earlier iPhone models, the speaker is to the left of
the dock connector.
1. Verify that there is nothing plugged in to the
headset jack, including headsets,
headphones, or adapters.
2. Make sure the Ring/Silent switch is not
switched to silent.
3. While on the Home screen, adjust the volume
buttons. If you see the icon below, indicating
that headphones are attached, there may be
debris or an object lodged in the headset jack:
4. Check the headset jack. If there is an object
lodged in the headset jack that is not easily
removed, have the iPhone serviced to remove
5. For Original iPhone: If there is light debris,
such as lint, in the headset jack, try
connecting a pair of headphones to the
headset jack and then remove the
headphones. Repeat this several times to
remove the debris.
6. If you have installed a protective film on the
display, either ensure that the receiver is not
covered or remove the film completely.
7. Check the receiver mesh (which is on the top
front of the device, above the display). If it
appears blocked, use a clean, small, dry,
soft-bristled brush to carefully and gently
brush away any debris.
8. If you have paired with a Bluetooth headset
that is nearby, either use the headset or turn
Bluetooth off (choose Settings > General >
Bluetooth ).
9. Restart the iPhone .
10. open up the phone and at the top where the Noise Cancellation is located there is a metal piece that is covering where a little wire that is connected to the noise cancellation unplug it and plug it back in and press down all the other wires just to be sure they are all in place before putting back the metal piece.
11. If restarting the iPhone doesn't resolve the
issue, try restoring the device .
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